We deliver appreciable range a of surveying services from aerial surveying to topography services and coordinates services, in order to provide you with all the technical data and useful Information in a reliable, efficient and secure manner.


Land Survey

PLUMB surveying Land Survey department is equipped with well educated & experienced technical staff using latest technology and equipments and is providing following services more

3D Laser Scanning

PLUMB surveying is pleased to announce the acquisition of High Definition Survey (HDS) Services.PLUMB Surveying Utilizes a portable, auto-scanning laser and  more

Geodetic Surveying

PLUMB surveying providing geodetic surveying wherein the curvature of the earth is taken into account and higher degree of accuracy in linear and angular observations is achieved. more


Nokia here true, UAE

Client: HERE Global BV
Location: United Arab Emirates
Scope of work: Data collection, which utilizing specialized state of the art mapping equipment mounted on the cars to capture 3D data of cities and roads, more

Bathymetric survey of the Fahid island

Bathymetric and topographic survey works on and around of the Fahid island in Sharjah lagoon
Client: Majestic Marine Engineering LLC
Scope of work:Carrying out bathymetric and topographic survey works on the island foreshore and its surrounding waters. Bathymetric survey lines more

Fujairah Internal roads - Topographic survey

Fujairah Internal roads
Client:Conser consulting engineering services
Scope of work:The ground survey and mapping for the internal roads in Fujairah using a combination of GPS and totalstation observations and production of mapping at a scale commensurate with 1:1000. more