Company Profile

    Plumb surveying is a certified company, founded in 2011, in order to provide professional surveying service to the associated profession.
    During the past few years Plumb acquired a reliable reputation for providing conscientious and reliable service to municipalities, governmental agencies, and private industries located throughout UAE, GCC and West Africa, however we are familiar with working in locations around the globe in varying operating environments, which require a wide range of services.
    We deliver appreciable range  of surveying services from aerial surveying to topography services and coordinates services, in order to provide you with all the technical data and useful Information in a reliable, efficient and secure manner.We are dedicated in performing our services using the highest standards in the practice of surveying with an emphasis on quality, cost, and time. Furthermore we are committed to remain on the leading edge of technology and automation where Plumb Surveying stays at the forefront of surveying technologies. We purchase the most up-to-date survey instrumentation and office software and hardware to service our clients, where we strive to achieve strong market positions based on technologies, high-value services and a strong international or regional presence.
    Most of all, we understand the need to be part of a team devoted to getting the work and the project done.


    • Conduct, research, promote, develop and advance the scientific and technical aspects of any matters relating to surveying or its associated disciplines and competencies.
    • Provide and arrange programs for the continuing education of the principals and staff of the company.
    • Conserve and promote the interests and status of the profession of surveying


    • To revise and simplify procedures, to group applications for survey work, resulting in the increase of productivity and reduction of time spent for survey work.
    • To continue the training of the staff into the use of new technology, either software or hardware, for the completion of survey works.
    • Increase public awareness of PLUMB SURVEYING and the professions practiced therein, including the services offered and the capabilities of the firm.
    • Strive to keep the client well informed of all aspects of the project, including budget and schedule.
    • Grow profitability


    Our mission is to provide professional land surveying and related services in a timely manner and for a reasonable fee with a high level of customer service through technical knowledge, hands on field experience, automated office techniques, communication, responsiveness and dependable delivery.


    Plumb Surveying strives to be the leading survey company in the Mideast, Asia and Africa by providing clients with expertise, value, and the latest technology for all works.


    Ethics & character, professional & personal integrity, commitment & loyalty, teamwork and Quality Management are the cornerstones of our business, guiding our team and providing accountability for our actions and our services.
    Core Values – we invest in professional development, new ideas, and state of the modern equipment, to achieve profitability, which allows us to provide security to invest in our future.
    Integrity – to be honest and trustworthy from the preliminary planning till the end of the project.
    Customer Focus – be responsive to our client’s needs and desires by providing a complete understanding of their needs through honesty, effective communication before, during, and after project completion.
    Leadership – we promote our profession by example and community involvement. Each and every one of us is committed to improving the community in which we live and work by dedicating and sharing our time and talents.
    Teamwork – by working together in an open, friendly, and constructive environment, recognizing that success comes from the coordinated efforts of many.

    Team Desciption

    In relentless pursuit of new engineering challenges and in a more difficult market each day, we accredit that solution is based on a team work with strong and recognized merit in a global market partners.
    The most valued asset is our employees. They are resourceful and innovative in response to the many challenging and unique surveying situations that they encounter. Our employees are proficient in the use of advanced technological equipment such as HDS (High Definition surveying system), GPS (Global Positioning System). All key personnel are Professional Surveyors and they regularly attend continual educational seminars as well as short-courses.
    We believe that our employee and customers satisfaction is a key driver of growth and profitability. Our commitment is to continuously empower our employees through various training programs and thereby improve the satisfaction of our customers.

    Quality, Control, Health and safety

    Plumb surveying proposes a services concept based on quality, crediting that solidity of its success is a direct function of the quality, capacity and commitment of the available resources that allows reaching our aims with the highest standards.
    Plumb assumes as a fundamental and structural principle high quality concept of its services to satisfy the requirements of our clients, controlling process and incorporating professionalism and efficiency as quality guarantee in all our organization. The assumption of responsibility also involves promotion of a continuous improvement of our performance and based on adaptation of adequate techniques and accomplishment of the established requirements by the legislative framework of national and community reference.
    Under the health & safety and health care at work, Plumb cooperates with biggest groups in this field of accomplishment of the legal premises. Adding the experience of our collaborators in this kind of projects combined with the technical know-how and specialization of some of our collaborators, helps to be ready to provide services and results with the highest requirements from our clients.
    The company opts mainly for methodology of prevention and collective protection. The necessity of dispose adequate protection equipment which comply the UAE directives, due to we believe that the safeguarding of human life is supreme, our collaborators are under rigorous controls of vaccination status and possess a training period to awareness about the behavior and philosophy of the company.