Name: Al Ain Real Time Project
    Client: Rolta Middle East LLC
    End Client: Al Ain Municipality, UAE
    Scope of work: Providing a Survey data collection, using GPS/total station, points and features which were not collected by the Lynx system.
    Equipment: GPS GRX1 Sokkia , GPS LEICA VIVA

    Name: Bathymetric and topographic survey works on and around of the Fahid island in Sharjah lagoon
    Client: Majestic Marine Engineering LLC
    Scope of work:Carrying out bathymetric and topographic survey works on the island foreshore and its surrounding waters. Bathymetric survey lines are required at 10m spacing and topographic data is required on the island only at 10 m intervals from seaward up to 20 m above apparent water mark.

    Name:Fujairah Internal roads
    Client:Conser consulting engineering services
    Scope of work:The ground survey and mapping for the internal roads in Fujairah using a combination of GPS and totalstation observations and production of mapping at a scale commensurate with 1:1000

    Name: Nokia HERE TRUE, UAE.
    Client: HERE Global BV
    Location: United Arab Emirates
    Scope of work: Data collection, which utilizing specialized state of the art mapping equipment mounted on the cars to capture 3D data of cities and roads, to produce three-dimensional street images and more accurate information about street characteristics
    Equipments: we used 5 mobile scanner mounted on the top of the car. This system is captures accurate location information along with 360° panoramic picture and lidar points cloud of the street.

    Project Name :Land Topographic survey works for the project Burj Al Arab Island Expansion
    Client: Faithful+Gould
    Scope of Work :
    Establishment new benchmarks and Provide cross section of all existing utilities at a maximum of 10m intervals.Spot elevations of existing natural ground within the indicated limits at the same intervals to define the natural ground surface for DTM are also required. The accuracy of ground elevation should not be less than +05m.

    Scope of work: Collecting of the points of interest in the Emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi for nokia software.

    Name: Oman – SCTP (The development of Nationwide orthophoto coverage with data management system project – supreme Council for Planning (SCP) – Sultanate of Oman)
    Client: Navmatica
    End Client: National survey authority, Oman
    Scope of work: Providing the service of photogrammetric ground control points (GCP) paneling and surveying “almost 800 GCPs in the entire Sultanate of Oman”.
    Equipment: Gps GRX1 Sokkia , 5 sets

    Name: Sharjah Aerial Photography & Topographic survey – GCP
    Client: Navmatica
    End Client: Sharjah Municipality
    Scope of work: premark and survey three-dimensional control for aerial triangulation for the entire emirate of Sharjah. and set up a daily flight base station
    Equipment: 8 sets of GPS , Sokkia and Leica

    Name:Topographic survey work for Dubai Parks
    Client:KIER Dubai LLC
    End client: Parsons
    Scope of work:Providing detailed cross section of all existing roads/bridges at a maximum of10.0 meters interval in addition to spot elevations of existing natural ground within the indicated limits at the same intervals to define the natural ground surface for DTM;
    Provide all service manholes, chambers, cable markers, joint box, link box, water scada, RTU, gullies…etc details to it’s exact position, size, cover levels up to the nearest junction outside the marked area vide SKTECH SU 001 ;
    Outline survey for all building corners if encountered within the specified limits;
    Identify and locate all visible physical features of significance that would affect the design and construction of the project;
    High quality photographs for the main features on the site and street furniture on existing roads shall be provided;
    Provide complete details of the overhead and ground mounted traffic signs including coordinates for the location of foundations, size and number of supporting posts, pipe diameter above the split in column for all overhead mounted traffic sign structures, span of the structure, clear height between the lowest point of the maintenance walkway of the structure and the edge line of the road underneath, clear and legible color photographs of the sign boards.

    Name: Topographic survey works for Wadi Al Qor military road
    Client: Al Sahraa
    Scope of work: Full topographical survey to complete a study of a corridor (10KM*300m),a post study under this solution will be designing and development study of that area. Establishing New Road Between Wadi Al Qor and Hatta in the UAE.
    Equipment : LEICA 3D Scanner C10 , Global Position System “GPS” VIVA

    • Construction of Dams and Recharge Facilities in the UAE TOPO Survey
    • Topographical Survey Works for Umm Al Quwein Main R/A and Sheikh Ahmed AL Mouala Street
    • Update the studies and designs of Dams & New Barriers in the Northern Emirate ( Survey & Soil Investigation)
    • Scan Electromechanical Cont. Co. L.L.C (Al Dhaid&KhorFaa Khan)
    • Topographic survey works for Wadi Al QorMiltary Road
    • Topographic survey works for TECHNO PARK
    • Topographic survey for Wahat Hilly Mall & Hotel
    • Ajman Free Zone Authority Development
    • Sharjah Aerial Photography & Topographic Survey – GCP – A
    • Topographic and Bathymetric survey for New Finishing Harbor RAK
    • Topographic survey for Tawoon Mall
    • Topographic survey for Sharm Ring Road
    • Topographic survey for Bab Al Bhar resort
    • Kingdom of Saudi Arab
    • Bidya topographic survey
    • Al Ain real time
    • Topographic survey for Umm Squeim 1
    • Topographic survey for Dubai Land, Jabal Ali & S40414
    • Oman – SCTP (The Development of Nationwide Orthophoto coverage with Data Management System Project – Supreme Council for Planning (SCP) – Sultanate of Oman)
    • DEWA Power Plant, Al Lisaili
    • Topographic survey for Fujairah Airport
    • Topographic survey for Fujairah Internal Road
    • Fujairah Drill Direction
    • Al Jaleela Culture Center Plot NO. 3661916
    • Topographic survey for the plots No. C007-009 Tecom
    • Fujairah Free Zone
    • Project G+4 Building at Plot M-15, Masdar City Abu Dhabi
    • Ajman Internal Roads
    • Stratex Factory At Plot KHIA8-48, KIZAD
    • Al Lisaili
    • Fujairah Urban Plan
    • JAFZ Plot No. S20109
    • Ajman Internal Roads
    • Fujairah Internal Road Aditional Work
    • Proposed Store @ Za’abeel Palace Facilites
    • Topographic survey for Shindagha Shopping mall
    • Topographic and bathymetric survey between Aqah and Sharm
    • additional topographic survey work for internal road in Fujairah
    • Gas Nain for RUQQA AL HAMRA_Auto Zone in the UAE
    • Topographic survey for plot at Zaabil Palace
    • Points of interest in the emirates of Abu Dhabi
    • Topographic and bathymetric survey at Marfa Port Abu Dhabi
    • HERE TRUE Cars
    • supplying surveying team in Ras Al heima
    • Topographic survey for Plots NO. PNFRN020, Palm Jumeirah
    • GSSR_JAFZA_S40321&S40320& MO053-30
    • Full topographic survey for Dubai Outlet mall site
    • Quantity survey for the material on site at Dibba Cement Factory
    • Construction and maintenance of Dams in Shamil Basin
    • Supplying a surveyor Marfa Abu Dhabi
    • Supplyiing a surveyr Sharjah Khalid Lagoo
    • Bathymetric and topographic survey work on and around Fahid Island situated in Sharjah lagoon
    • Topographic survey work on Fujairah Sakamkam Dams area
    • Topographic survey works and soil investigation at Umm Al Sooub Area, Umm Al Quwein Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed road
    • Ghalilah Bathymetric survey
    • resurvey 3 old locations
    • Supplying a surveyor with assistant at Ghalila
    • topographic survey works for Fujairah Storm Water
    • Jafza utility scan
    • Marfa extension bathymetric survey I,II
    • Fujairah new alignment
    • Topographic survey for Mohammad Bin Zayed Solar Park
    • Ghalila bathymetric survey extension
    • Survey for clincker stock
    • Points of interest in the emirate of Abu-Dhabi
    • Infrastructure works for Phase -1 Dubai Parks
    • Warehouse phase III at Dubai Industrial city
    • Ibra quantity survey, Oman
    • Ajman immigration building
    • Topographic survey for Khorfakkan channel
    • Additional topo survey FOIZ
    • Additional topo-survey for   Infrastructure works for Phase -1 Dubai Parks
    • Ibra quantity survey
    • Survey for the materials on site Fujairah Cement Factory
    • topographic survey for Index Tower 9th floor
    • Plot at Zaabeeltopo survey
    • supplying a GPS team
    • Sharjah humanitarian center topographic survey
    • Topographic survey ibra
    • 75 poins with flagged steel at Mashreif park
    • Topographical survey works for King Faisal Road and internal roads in Umm Al Quwein
    • Topographical survey works at Burj Al Arab island
    • Points of Interest in the emirates of Dubai at the UAE
    • Supplying a surveying team with total station for Luluaia project
    • Quantity survey for the limestone stock
    • Supplying a survey crew for the project MeydanSobhaNad Al Shiba
    • supplying a surveying team with total station for Ghantoot project
    • underground utilities survey for block A & B in MadinatJumeirah, Dubai.
    • Topographic Survey Work for Al Muntazi (2) – Ajman
    • Survey works for block 5 fitout works for IMG- Theme Park- City of ARABIA