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Plumb Surveying has a great reputation for high-quality surveying and mapping services, responsiveness, attention to detail and professionalism.

Our professionals maintain up-to-date land survey licenses and have hundreds of years of experience in the land surveying field.
At Plumb we're experienced and equipped to provide every possible service necessary when you need land surveying of any kind.

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Plumb Land Services

Cadastrial Survey

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Cadastral Surveying is the sub-field of surveying that specializes in the establishment and re-establishment of real property boundaries, where it refers to the cadaster, or collective record of lands that many nations have established.

Demarcation Surveys

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Demarcation of land for the purpose of defining parcels of land for registration in a land registry.

Digital Terrain Modeling

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A digital terrain model is a topographic model of the bare earth terrain relief - that can be manipulated by computer programs.

Geodetics Survey

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Geodetic surveying is the survey in which the curvature of the earth is taken into account and higher degree of accuracy in linear and angular observations is achieved.

Leveling Survey

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Leveling is defined as “an art of determining the relative height of different points on, above or below the surface”, where the principle of leveling is to obtain horizontal line of sight with respect to which vertical distances of the points above or below this line of sight are found.

Setting out survey

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Otherwise known as Construction surveying, is the process of transferring the coordinates of a building, road or structure from design drawings to the ground/site.

Topographic Survey

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A survey locating topographic features - natural and man-made such as buildings, improvements, fences, elevations, trees, streams, contours of the land, etc.

Traffic Survey

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Plumb Surveying offers uncompromising quality and diligence in order to reduce your risk, and gives you the confidence of knowing the studies, analyses, and services were performed correctly and in accordance to local, state, and federal laws.

As-Built Survey

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As-built surveys are needed to record variations from original Engineering plans to what is actually built. As-built surveys are required by many agencies to prove the location of a structure at a point in time.  Many agencies need the as-built surveys for the actual locations of underground improvements. These are especially important for maintenance and future development of the site.

Gate level computation & Fixing

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Gate Level Computation surveys is meant for estimating the gate level of a target plot in comparison to the nearest road or ground Level considering various design constraints.

quantity / volume Surveys

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Volume is defined as the amount of material occupying a certain space, expressed in cubic units, as in “cubic yards.” Data obtained from engineering design surveys are used to calculate earthwork quantities. where we can provide efficient and accurate volume computations as your project continuously changes through the addition and removal of material.

Measured Building Surveys

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Measured Building Surveys allow production and verification of floor and building plans from an accurate representation of an existing building or structure.
Plumb, measured building survey experts, provides  a complete solution for all your building measurement and planning needs.